Premium Horse Bedding Products

Bagged Kwik Pik

We produce two types of premium horse bedding products to help save you money and time.

Kwik Pik Bedding is the new "in thing", you will save money and time, using this product in all of your stalls.

Our Premium Shavings, all from selected woods provide maximum absorption and a comfortable footing. All of our horse bedding product are thoroughly screened and filtered for airborne dust particles and respiratory risks.

Kwik Pik delivery truck
Kwik Pik warehouse stock

Retail & Bulk

Our horse bedding products are kept in stock all the time, we have the capacity to sell by the bag or bulk. Contact today for more information and pricing on any of our products, we offer retail and wholesale pricing to suit everyone's needs.

Call us today to arrange delivery. Our drivers as well as our equine bedding products are sure to meet your needs.