Kwik Pik Bedding in a chicken coop

Benefits of using Kwik Pik Bedding
  • Stall maintenance is minimal, no need to totally gut the stall
  • Easy to sift and remove manure
  • Superior moisture absorption
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to handle
  • Quick to compost
  • Saves labour, time and water!
  • Many other uses than just horse bedding!
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Premium Kwik Pik Bedding

Made from a selected wood fibre. It`s fine texture quickly clumps when in contact with urine, and also leaves a fine coating on the manure to help prevent high ammonia levels and pooh spots. Clumping makes for a very Kwik Pik. Furthermore, it will reduce your manure pile by as much as 50% or more compared to regular flake shavings and there is no need to add water, only the best from both worlds.

Reduce consumption, disposal, labour, waste, manure space and more. We are all about saving your money!

Bagged Kwik Pik is offered in 100% paper bags. Each bag is 1.7 cubic feet and there are 50 bags per pallet. We screen for harmful dusts thoroughly before packaging and sealing for storage.

Bulk Kwik Pik is available in dump loads, blown loads, or walking floor trailers up to 155 cubic yards capacity.

Kwik Pik Bedding Bulk pallet