Horse bedding - shavings closeup

Shaving vs Straw Bedding
  • Stall maintenance is less than straw, no need to totally gut the stall every cleaning
  • Easy to sift and remove manure
  • Easy to handle
  • Quick to compost
  • Superior moisture absorption
  • Many other uses than just horse bedding!
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Premium Shavings

Made from selected, kiln dried, non-treated wood.

Many people use shaving for much more than just horse bedding. Small pets such as rabbits, reptiles and many other farming industries can save time using shavings.

We ship our Premium Shavings in 100% recyclable brown paper bags as well as plastic bags. It is important to maintain a dry environment to prevent fungus and other harmful elements, this choice in packaging ensure that the kiln dried shavings stay dry whether stored inside or outside. All of our shavings go through a thorough screening process to remove fine dust particles.

We sell in bulk!

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